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Bulaccino - the Rodenburg family

Our Story

Bulaccino first started in April 2006 as a small café by the river next to the Nadi Town Bridge, run by Eileen, daughter Fiona and son-in-law Harley.


Operating a tiny kitchen and equally small bakery, the product range may have been rather small for the first few years but always with the focus on natural ingredients.

Bulaccino Nadi River shop

Today we have 2 cafés and our Farm in Fiji, with a wonderful team of more than 50 people. The Bulaccino team provide delicious, quality food to our local and overseas customers.


To be the Café of Choice in Fiji, with diverse, responsible and health-inspired menu options and to go global with the Bulaccino brand!

The Roots of Bulaccino

Without doubt these can be traced back to the remote peninsula of Udu Point, the Northeastern most area of Fiji’s 2nd island Vanua Levu, where Eileen was born and raised. It's a beautiful copra plantation by the ocean with a steep 500m ridge rising right at the back of her homestead.


Life at this isolated location meant that everything needed to be grown on the land or caught from the sea. Sugar, rice and flour was supplied from an inter-island cargo vessel doing the rounds at 4-8 week intervals whilst collecting Copra. The coastal island lifestyle was all about being very self- sufficient.  Cows were milked and butter was churned from the fresh cream separated every day!  Homemade jams & jellies from fresh guavas and lemons on freshly baked breads straight out of a wood oven stove was a great pleasure to enjoy!  


This may explain Bulaccino’s no-compromise approach when it comes to the quality and freshness of food and ingredients, and the reason why we produce whatever possible in-house including our breads and pastries, natural juices, meat patties and sauces. Even the honey comes from the lovely bees on our Bulaccino Garden Farm at Votualevu, near Nadi.

This video has been deleted.



Bulaccino's mission is simple... to provide our discerning local and overseas customers good quality value for money. Food and coffee consistent with a standard that is otherwise hard to find in Fiji, and to provide this with the perfect combination of international professionalism, service and true Fijian hospitality!

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