The Team

Bulaccino Café staff are all from Fiji, from the various ethnic backgrounds predominantly Fijian and Indo-Fijian.


Some have been with us since we started and in total we now have more than 70 employees spread over 3 cafés and the Farm.

Our staff are passionate about the Café and what they do, and this is reflected in the way they service our customers.


The family spirit is continually nurtured to make everyone feel a vital component of the overall product. 

Bulaccino food service

"Bulaccino would not be what it is today without the commitment of each and every staff member"


Dirk is a Cordon Bleu Chef and Managing Director at Bulaccino.

Dirk creates all the menus and Blackboard Specials.


Sereana is one of our lovely Front of House staff.

You can see her behind the counter or serving your delicious meals.


Vili is our Chief Barista.


The man behind the coffee, he makes sure we serve great coffee and drinks to all our customers. 


Eileen is the Cafe Executive Officer.

Eileen first came up with the idea for Bulaccino on a family holiday in Italy whilst enjoying a cup of coffee


Aquila is the Bar Supervisor.

You will see him in the Namaka Garden Bar or taking your order inside


Sada is one of the Chefs in our kitchen.

You may not see him but he's behind the scenes making delicious food